ENWALK FYTER rechargeable LED torch come emergency light is for those who work outdoors and need to create an intense beam of light quickly to locate someone or something. This is a light, portable tactical torch, which will have a super-high lumen count for maximum brightness. The torch is easy to attach to your shoulder or bag too. Side lights give you more benefits as you can use this as a study lamp or emergency lamp in your house.

Being quality led torch manufacturer FYTER Rechargeable led torch come emergency light with Li-ion battery 3.7V, 4800 mAh is best product. The battery has a life of 500 Rechargeable cycles.
Best housing material used with rainfall protection. Easy to carry the torch with a belt.

Fast-Charging: ENWALK led torch light will get charged when it is connected to electricity. With the charging time of 6 to 8 hours.

Battery: 3.7V/4800mAh

Applications: ENWALK Rechargeable LED flash light is the perfect lighting backup for an outdoor visit, as we are led torch manufacturer we tried to keep this product as multi purpose light. Use for all indoor and outdoor application such as security, Shops, Hospital, Parking, walking, trekking, studying, cooking, party etc.

Power backup: Torch upto 7 hrs & Side light upto 7 hrs

Includes: 1 LED rechargeable torch

Wattage: 5W

Warranty: 1-Year for product & 6 Months for battery




Weight 0.94 kg


Select Color

Orange, Red, Yellow


Engineering plastics

Working Time

High- upto 7 hrs, Side Light- upto 7 hrs



Light Source

Torch : 1 Super bright LED Side Light : 24*2 = 48 Super bright LED


Overcharge / Discharge protection


15L*85W*27.5H cm


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